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My story

My mother said that at the age of 10 months I was already trying to speak and that I never spoke in “baby talk.”  Throughout my childhood, I was always talking.  I remember having to write “I must not talk in class” 100 times as punishment for talking too much in Grade 1.

During my teenage years, learning foreign languages came easily and so was meeting and speaking with foreigners in Jamaica, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. From the love of languages came the desire to read, be informed and to think deeply about the problems of the world, religion and other people’s opinions.

It came as no surprise when I told my parents that I wanted to study foreign languages at the University of the West Indies as the first step towards a career in international relations.   After University, I joined the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, where I had the opportunity to learn more about the inter-governmental cooperation and witness the increasing role of the private sector in international trade.

I decided to study for an MBA in international business and marketing at the University of Miami.  This degree opened doors to a career in marketing communications strategy and business development facilitation in Jamaica, the USA and in Montreal, Canada where I currently reside.

Throughout my career my mandates have always been tied to the development of communication strategies and the implementation of projects that enable people and businesses to be better and to do better.  I have gained considerable experience working in international trade policy, corporate and personal finance, healthcare, employee engagement and philanthropy.  

I have always offered my talents in marketing and communications to not-for-profit organizations as a consultant, board member and volunteer.  I have served on the boards of the Anglican Foundation, the YWCA in Montreal, the Salvation Army, the Quebec L’Arche Communities Foundation.  As a volunteer, I have worked with Corrections Canada and the West Island Palliative Care Residence and I have been a contributor the Black Academic Scholarship Fund and mentored scholarship recipients.

I recently moved into a new phase in my career.  As the Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Montreal, I have the mandate to raise public awareness and provide more services to people living with this devastating disease or another dementia.

In my spare time, I enjoy interpreting the beauty of creation in pastel paintings, which I offer for sale and donation to charities.

My daily mantra – See the BIG picture. Focus on what’s important.  – reminds me to be mindful of the challenges in the world and in my community  and to make a meaningful difference by serving others passionately with my talents in marketing, volunteering and art

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